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World’s First GoSleep Sleeping Pods At Abu Dhabi Airport

World’s First GoSleep Sleeping Pods have been installed at Abu Dhabi Airport, and it is the latest art of sleeping. Abu Dhabi Airport Company (ADAC) has introduced the Gosleep Sleeping pods for travelers at the airport, who want to go to sleep during the waiting time.

Gosleep Sleeping pods are so comfortable and provide full privacy to the users. They have a sliding shade that isolate the user from light, crowd and noise. The privacy level also remains up to date, and you will sleep without any hesitation. At Abu Dhabi Airport’s Terminal 3 and 1, 10 sleeping pods have been installed, while the 35 more Gosleep sleeping pods are expected to be installed before the end of 2013.

Gosleep Sleeping Beds

These sleeping pods are chair-cum-bed, and they can be converted from chairs to beds and beds to chairs at any time keeping in view the requirements of the users. Therese is another reason of their popularity that they have internet access, cell phones, tablets, laptops portable machines, gadgets and other devices’ charging slots. There is also a complete and protected luggage storage compartment, and the passengers at the airport can use the GoSleep at the rate of $12.25 per hour and the payment can also be made through cash or credit card.

Gosleep sleeping pods on Abu Dhabi International Airport

According to the Chief Commercial Officer of Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC), Mohammed Al Bulooki, the company is trying hard to the more facilities to the passengers at the Airport. GoSleep pods are coming up to the comfortable level of the clients / passengers. He also stated that the company is willing to provide all the expected facilities like GoSleep to the customers to enhance the customer experience. Abu Dhabi Airports Company is very much proud to introduce the GoSleep Sleeping chairs first time in the world. It is a marvel of technological advancement, and the company has made an agreement with the Sleeping Pods chairs / beds providing company to install more 35 Gosleep pods on the airport.

Gosleep sleeping pods on Airport in Dubai

Al Bulooki also added while talking that ADAC has awarded with Skytrax 4 Rating and the company is labeled as first in the Middle East due to this achievement. The Airport Council International has awarded ADAC the title of Best Airport in the Middle east due to the installation of latest technological equipment to facilitate the passengers.

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