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World’s Fastet Electric Plane Reaches 327 KM/H

At Inyoken Airport, California on 19th July 2012, the test pilot, Chip Yates take test flight of world’s fastest electric plane and impressed the world. He also made a world record, which should be mentioned in Guinness Book of World Records that it reached 327 KM/H, which is not an affordable speed for an electric vehicle. It break the world record of 320 Kilometer per hour. Yates remains successful to sustain the speed for more than 15 seconds, while he was not giving the full power to plane’s engine. Due to a broken cell inside the battery pack, he had to land the plane on a 2160 meters long distance at Californian Airport.

fastest electric plane in the world

The plane has been made for only one pilot, but it has amazed the world due to its powerful electric power structure. Whereas the design of world’s fastest plane is concerned, it is the modified version of old Burt Rustan’s Long-EZ. The super jet has been made by the famous company in aircrafts i.e. Flight of the Century. The company altered the old plane and include a powerful battery pack, and liquid cooled electric engine that usually produces 258 hp. The company remove the original power train and replaced the equipment for mid-air recharging. The fastest electric plane in the world was named Long-ESA by the company that was a new aircraft vehicle.

electric plane fastest in the world

Worlds Fastest Electric Plane

The main thing used behind this powerful project is a number of little and smaller batteries instead of one big battery. It was a latest invention in the field of aircraft technology. Flight of Century company is also working on the project to make an aircraft, which could fly forever. The smaller batteries are easy to recharge and take less time than the one big battery. Therefore the replacement of one big battery with a number of smaller batteries in the aircraft have made it unique of its nature. The company is getting fame for their altered aircraft Long_ESA, which has become an eye popping aircraft in the eyes of world. Have a look on the World’s Fasted Electric Plane’s pictures / images, and write your comments upon this latest invention in the field of aircraft technologies.

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