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Tutorial: Use iOS7 Slide to Unlock Feature on iOS6

With the help of this amazing tweak or tutorial, you can use iOS7’s slide to unlock feature on iOS6. In the latest firmware released with iOS7, iPhone users can slide the unlock bar in any position to unlock their iPhone. In the previous firmware version or operating systems, the users had to slide the unlock bar in a particular position or way to unlock their iPhone. The latest swipe mode is left to right sliding in new iOS7 version.

This tutorial is especially for those users, who have not yet updated their iPhones from iOS 6 to iOS 7 due to none availability of jailbreak. According to the MuscleNerd the iOS 7.0.3 is jailbreakable, and now you can enjoy the latest sliding option of iOS 7 on iOS 6, and this function is working properly in obsoleted devices.

Now you can slide anywhere to unlock your iPhone 5 while you have iOS 6 installed on your cell phone, and it is only possible with the help of Unlock7, which is a new Cydia tweak, which is bringing the new and latest features in iOS 6 tablets. This software modify the lockscreen feature of devices using iOS6. It gives the impressive look to your mobile screen and remove the old unlocking feature from your phone.

unlocking sliding feature of ios7 to ios6 iphones

Now you can slide the finger from left to right to unlock your iPhone with iOS 6. This jailbreak application for latest sliding option is automatically installed on your iPhone, and you can get the benefits and taste of latest iPhone 5 with iOS 7. It is also pertinent to mention here that there is no any other setting available in the jailbreak application, as every thing has already been configured by the developer.

While there are several jailbreak applications for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 available in the market, you can get the benefits from these jailbreaks by converting the design of your iOS6 to iOS7. Have a look on the complete video tutorial to convert your iOS 6 unlock sliding style to the iOS 7 unlocking style. This unlocking sliding feature can be used in old firmwares.

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