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Top 5 URL Shortener Sites to Earn Money From

Here we are going to share top 5 URL shortener websites, from which you can earn money by shortening your Blog URLs or Video URLs. You can shorten any type of URL and share it with your friends to earn cash for sharing. URL shortener is one of the famous advertisement and publisher programs, which are offering a business as well as advertisement opportunity on cheap rates. The following sites are considered to be the top 5 and best in the field of URL shortening.

Earn With Adf.ly

Adf.ly is one of the top URL shortener sites, which offers a great opportunity for website owners, as only the owner of URL can shorten the long permalink and share with friends. The payout for URL shortener service is also amazing, as you get your payout after reaching the minimum payout threshold i.e. 5 dollars.

Earn From Linkbucks.com

Now you can earn money from Linkbucks.com, which is also another famous URL shortening site with great features and amazing offers. The company connects the advertisers and publisher to get benefits from each other. If you are shortening the URLs from Linkbucks.com you will soon get your payment in Payoneer, Paypal and Payza.

top url openers for earning money

Earn Money With Ity.im

This site is also among the top 5 URL shortener sites in this modern age, and it is also offering the 5.50CPM with the around and interstitial 0.80CPM. With the Ity.im you can earn through Popups, Banners and URLs shorteners. Whereas the minimum payout is concerned, you get payment through Paypal after reaching the minimum limit of $15.

Short URLs with Best Shortener i.e. Coniurl

Coniurl is one of the top 5 URLs shortener sites in this world. It has a lot of latest and good features. Now you can turn your blog, websites, videos, tweets and pictures into cash by shortening the URLs through Coniurl.

Earn From Adfoc.Us URLs Shortner

Adfoc.us is also among the top paying URL Shortener sites. It give you $6.5 on every 1000 visits, while the minimum payout limit is only $10.

If you are running a blog, website or sharing videos or pictures, then it is the right time to monetize your network by shortening the URLs from one of the above mentioned top URL shortening companies.

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