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Top 10 Best Rated Android Applications for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is doing a good business in the market. It has Android Operating System, which has a lot of features and applications. GS4 is now a days in limelight due to its beautiful addition to the flagship. It has become a name of confidence and quality, which is competing the other so called cell phone brands and gadgets in the market due to its reasonable price and high efficiency. The Samsung Company has announced the launching of Galaxy S4 Mini, which will also be an awesome product of Samsung, and it will come with more reliable and latest features.

Top 10 best apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone

If you want to purchase your brand new Galaxy S4 (GS4), we suggest you The Top 10 software, which are the Best rated Android Applications for Samsung Galaxy S4 and GS4 Mini edition. These applications are the best Android applications according to our point of view, and they will be smart enough to grab your interest. Have a look on the Best android applications for Samsung GS4.

Google Chrome

Chrome has become the famous and best web browser in this modern age of technology. It comes with all android operating systems in built-in support. But If your smart phone has not the Google Chrome browser, you can install it on your android cell phone by downloading it from the official site. It is a free android application in web browser categories, which comes with free license. It will make your web browsing fast over the android cell phone or Galaxy S4.

Google Chrome for Samsung Galaxy S4


Whenever or wherever you go with your Cell phone, this application keeps your update with the latest weather forecast across the world. It is an interesting application, which is much familiar with Android Cell Phones. It automatically senses your location through your cell phone and forecasts the weather of that place. So we suggest to you install 1Weather on your Samsung GS4, as it is also free to download from the web.

1 weather for Android jelly bean system

Volume Booster

The smartphones come with a light volume, so the Volume Booster is really helpful to increase the volume of your Android cell phone up to the capacity of 20 to 30%. Now you can do your gadgets’ volume louder. Volume Booster is a best application for GS4, as it will increase the volume and sound of your cell phone.

Volume Booster for Android


To have Tango application in your android system will make you able to share data with your friends during video chat session. After Skype, the Tango has become famous in the world of Android jelly Bean Operating System. Now you can start video chat with your contacts by using the Tango application on your cell phone or Samsung Galaxy S4.

Tango for Android Samsung S4


Instagram is a popular photo sharing network, which works well with the Samsung Galaxy S series and other cell phones with android operating system and applications. Instagram is among the famous social networking sites, and people usually use it to share their photos with their loved ones. So we recommend to have Instagram application installed in your GS4 Cell phone.

Instagram for GS4 Cell Phone


This is a great application for mobile phones containing android OS. The IM+ supports almost all the social networking sites including MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, Skype, Fetion and Jabber. You don’t need to download all these applications, as you can have all of them in one pack i.e. IM+.

IM plus for android cell phones


Pocket application works well with 5-inch display of Samsung Galaxy S4, and eye tracking auto-scroll technology. It is a very good reader application for android operating system. If you read newspaper daily, you can read it on your smartphone and also save them for later reading. The main quality and worth mentioning feature is you can save articles, webpages and videos of your choice even if your mobile phone device is offline.

Best applications for Samsung Galaxy S4 Pocket


It is also one of the top, best and great android applications for Galaxy S4 and S3, as you don’t need to purchase music albums online. Spotify is one of the easiest ways to get music stream on demand. You can get access to unlimited music database for music download by paying only $10 on monthly basis. You can download this application for free to start music download on your Samsung or any other android cell phone.

Spotify Best Android Applications for Galaxy S4

S Health Fitness

Samsung Galaxy S4 is just like a companion for life, as S Health Fitness feature has become famous due to its unique kind. It is a built-in application in Samsung Galaxy S Series, which tells you about the calories your burn, your comfort level based on humidity and temperature, your dietary habits. So If it is not installed in your Android Cell Phone, we recommend you to download and install it instantly. It will monitor your daily fitness.

S Health Apps for Samsung GS4 smartphone


Evernote application for android cell phones has gain popularity and fame due to its amazing advantages. Now you can store all your data to cloud with the help of this application. You can have it not only the Galaxy S4, but also on the other mobile phones and gadgets, which support Android Applications, this will synchronize your data to the cloud hosting, and your data including messages, pictures, videos and contacts will remain safe.

Evernote App for Samsung Android GS4 Mobile phone

The above mentioned top 10 applications for your Samsung Galaxy S4 will keep your up to date and help you in different ways. Some of them applications are free, while others are paid applications. But these are the best rated applications for Smartphones, cell phones, mobile phones and gadgets, which support the android jelly bean. So you can say that these are the essential applications for your smartphone in this modern age.

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