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Tesla Motors to Put Self Driving Cars on Road Soon

Tesla Motors has announced to put self driving cars on road soon, and almost in three years, their cars will be driving on roads. Tesla Motors CEO ELon Musk announced the news that company is very much expected to concentrate on the self-driving cars project and within three years the cars will come on road.

The advanced driver assistance system has been integrated in the car, and the car will be fully automatic. The driver will only contribute 10% while driving, and the 90% automatic system will driver the car. Fully automated driving will no more a dream now. The car would handle 90% of the driving, Musk Said.

Google Inc has previously introduced the first self-driving car, and it seems that they will also introduce the fully automatic cars in the market soon. Google has done several efforts in this regard, but now it is looking for a veteran partner, who could bring the self-driving cars on road. But Tesla Motors is doing this experience itself and don’t want to involve anyone in the business. After the successful introduction of these cars, it is very much expected that the self-driving cars models will be sold in United States at initial stages.

self driving cars by Google

According to the latest technology trends, it seems that the self-driving cars will come on road in 2017, and they will be familiar in 2020, as nobody will trust on the automatic system of the car. These cars have many legal issues right now, but with the changing in latest cars technologies, these cars will become famous in almost 7 years.

Cars insurance companies will also take interest in these automatic cars, and if they commit too many accidents, these companies can suddenly go in loss. Hence according to the Cars Insurance Companies, the self driving cars can be dangerous. Hence they may not be able to provide insurance facility to the fully automated self driving cars owners.

Self-Driving technology is awaited in the cars, but the adaptive cruise controlling system and semi-autonomous technologies have been introduced in the past, and these technologies are contributing a lot in the automatic cars driving system. But a lot of people are waiting to see the Tesla Motors self driving cars on road.

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