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Skyscraper Melts a Jaguar Car in England

A Big skyscraper melts a Jaguar Car in England by converging sunlight. What you will think, if you park your car near a skyscraper and after few hours you find your car melting? It will be just disgusting for you to find your luxury car in melting condition. This is what happened with Mr. Martin Linsday, who is the owner of black jaguar, which was parked next to a newly constructed 37 story skyscraper in England.

The skyscraper is just like a Walkie Talkie, which has a bend in its Facade, which enables the building to act as converging mirror. The street opposite to the building bear the brunt of 70 degree Celsius of concentrated sunlight. It was a big drawback for this 37 story skyscraper that it is harmful for other people living outside.

jaguar melted due to skyscraper

When Mr. Martin parked his luxury black jaguar car in front of skyscraper in morning, and when he come back after few hours he found his car had met an accident, but it was not really an accident, his car had melted due to sunlight. It was an interesting incident and a photographer was there to take the snapshots of the melted car. When he thoroughly check the car there was a not beneath the wiper from the skyscraper construction company i.e. ”Your Car’s Buckled, Could you please give us a call?”.

car melting due to sunlight

car melted due to sunlight

car melting due to skyscraper

The construction company has also taken this seriously and under consideration. They are thinking to modify the design of skyscraper, which can raise the temperature of front street homes upto 80 degree Celsius. This building is harmful for the residency area at front. You should check out some pictures of the jaguar car, which were taken on the spot by a photographer, and write your comments upon this awful moment, when a luxury car was melted due to sun rays reflected by a large skyscraper in England.

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