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Robot Technology: Kuratas Robot is the Coolest One in Japan

Suidobashi Heavy Industry of Japan has made the latest robot called Kuratas Robot, which is the coolest robot in all over the world. This Japanese robots is available for sale in Japan and all over the world. Japan is making inventions in the Robotics Technology, and it has introduced the latest heavy robot, which is operated through your mobile phone, computer or any other supported tablet.

The height of amazing Boardable Mecha, the Kuratas is 13 feet, whereas its weight is approximately 4,500 kilogram. Therefore it is the tallest one and heaviest one in the robots. The price of Kuratas Robot is 1.35 Millions i.e. too costly. But even being the most expensive and costly robot, the company has received 3,000 orders to make new Kuratas Robots. You can have a look on the videos and photos of Kuratas Robot, and write your comments after going through them.

Kuratas Robot Controlling Device Kuratas robot Man Driving Kuratas Robot

The Latest Robotics Technology has revealed the amazing Robot, which requires a 3G connection to come in operation through a mobile, cell phone or any other compatible device. You can control and interact with robot through a mobile device or computer, because the Microsoft Kinetic Sensors have been installed on robot.

Kuratas Robot has arms and Torso just like a man and it can perform different actions on your order. There are several functions of Kuratas Robot, but you can choose according to your need. The speed of this Kuratas robot machine is 10KM/H and it has been made on the diesel engine technology. When the robot is doing different tasks for you, it means it is consuming diesel. The consumption of diesel in the Japanese Kuratas Robot is up to the normal range. You can change the speed of robot according to your needs and requirements.

Japanese Kuratas Robot is unique of its nature, as it has been made using different sensors and software. Whereas the weapons are concerned, the Kuratas Robot has two types of weapons. The main weapon is Lohas Launcher, which can shoot the plastic bottles with full accuracy. The Kuratas Robot’s second weapon is an impressive Gatling Cannon, which is very much capable of shooting 6,000 BB Bullets per minute, as it is just like a machine gun.

The main reason why people are appreciating the latest robot technology is the smiling signal. It is very much friendly with the operation of robot. When the Kuratas gives a smile shot, it is giving the signal to operator to activate the weapon system. The Latest Technology Robots have been manufactured by the scientists and engineers of Japan. Hence if you want to buy a robot, you will have to place an order with the company.

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