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Now Generate Electricity Through Human Body while Walking

In this modern age, where several countries are facing the shortage of electricity, human body can generate electricity while walking on the floor. There are several ways of generating energy or power, but this is the weird method to generate electricity, which has become famous in the world.

A Netherlands based company is trying its level best to provide the energy floor in the power and energy market. They are selling several products like sustainable energy floors and dance floors, which can generate electricity by converting the human footsteps into energy. If anyone step onto the floor the tiles flex around 10mm and this movement generate up to 15 watts to 25 watts energy. If you connect the tiles together, 40 to be precise, then the network of tiles will be able to generate up to 1KW electricity.

energy floors generate electricity

The tiles are derived by a small permanent magnet generator, and this system is not piezoelectric. What the company has used in the tiles is just a question, as the research is going on at this invention. A controller module has been installed in the system, which directs the flow of electricity. The 12V output charges low voltage devices, batteries and other lighting pathways.

power walking tiles energy floors

The company has also used an attractive marketing techniques in the tiles. When someone step on the tiles they light up for intriguing people to step on them again and again. The Russian Railway Research Institute has joined hands with the Netherlands Company, and trying hard to install the energy floors on Railroad platforms, where a lot of visitors and passengers are walking. The Russian Engineers are also looking to use this technology on a big scale, so that they could generate electricity through the movement of cars and trains.

electricity dance floors generate energy

There is another interesting thing, which is pertinent to mention here that the company has made these energy tiles with recyclable materials, and their expected life is almost 30 years. Sustainable energy is also known as multifaceted industry, told Laurence Kemball-Cook. According to his point of view the Solar Energy System and Hydroelectric System need a lot of budget, but the use of energy floor is the cheap way to generate electricity. Hence if a human body can generate electricity while walking then we should produce energy from this cheap sources by using the energy floors in homes and offices.

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