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New Urinal Generates Electricity From Pee: Power Generation

When it comes to Power Generation, now you can convert your pee into electricity with the Latest Urinal installed in United Kingdom. If you are looking for the cheap ways of electricity generation, you can use the Pee Power Mens’s Urinal in your area or town for Energy Generation. Now you can generate electricity with this latest gadget to get free energy or light in night. It is one of the latest inventions in the field of free energy, so you should get full advantage of this new urinal technique.

Researchers in the United Kingdom have developed a urinal which has the ability to convert pee into electricity directly. This latest technology utilizes a set of MFCs or microbial fuel cells. These MFCs contain very little organisms that can survive by carrying out a process of urine breakup. Electricity is a byproduct of this breaking up process. The German uses Hydrophobic Paint on Walls to avoid Public Urinators to pee in public places.

Back in 2013, researchers had shown an earlier version of the same urinal that charged up a cellular phone successfully. The feat made headlines during that period. However, a team of dedicated researchers from Bristol in the United Kingdom wanted to achieve some practical advantage of this new technology. The same team of researchers are working in collaboration with Oxfam in order to develop urinals that would be able to produce sufficient electricity for lighting up refugee camps during the night by consuming nothing but urine.

light for safety at night pee electricity

Unfortunately, presently there are several refugee camps scattered all over the globe. These camps for refugees of displaced persons do not have electricity. This situation is very dangerous for people living in these camps. Moreover, women in these camps become more vulnerable to assaults during the night when they have to go to the toilet in the middle of night. The researchers are hopeful that the latest invention will not only be able to light up the toilet in a sufficient manner, but will also generate enough power to provide lighting to other areas inside the camp. This will offer more safety to all the people residing in these camps. In most cases, these people have not left their homes voluntarily but have been displaced due to war, famine or natural disaster. Another advantage of using these models will be the reduction of waste and its resulting pollution. In most of the camps there is no, or very little, waste management practices. This culminates in a spread of dangerous diseases inside these camps.

The MFCs works with the help of live microbes that feed on the urine for maintaining themselves and growing. The biochemical energy utilized for microbial growth is tapped during the process in order to produce electricity. The best power thus produced is green power since it does not utilize fossil fuel. In fact, the fuel which is being used in this process is a waste product that is present in the world in ample quantities.

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