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New Solar Powered UAVs Replace Satellites

New Solar Powered UAVs are very much expected to replace satellites. The old satellites system has become much expensive, while the solar energy can be used to replace old satellite system. It will reduce expense and give the outstanding quality results.

As the nature of man is concerned, he always remain ambitious to touch the sky and other things beyond it. This quest has began so many years ago, and scientists / engineers are making the latest inventions by going through the several experiments day by day. Today we are also going to share an amazing thing with you that man is replacing the old satellite system with the new solar powered UAVs, and now the new system will work as the regular substitute of the old satellite system.

Solera Satellite System of Solar Energy

solar satellite system


Satellites have become costly in this modern age, where scientists are using the solar power energy instead of fuel and other energy sources. It is the cheap way of generating electricity and power, hence they have come up with the latest solar power satellite system, which will reduce the operating cost of satellite and give the quality results. Whereas a million of dollars are needed for the regular repair and maintenance of old satellite system, the new solar powered satellite system will reduce the maintenance and repair cost.

solera solar powered satellite system

Titan Aerospace has introduced the latest satellite system by presenting a new high altitude UAV in order to replace the typical satellite system. He has totally changed the rules of satellite game by making this invention in the field of satellite. Solera, is the latest solar powered UAV, which has enormous singspan of 164 ft (50 meters) and 54ft (15.5 meters) body. The weight of Solera is only 159 Kg, which becomes 350 in Lbs. It is very much capable of generating 7KW of power in daylight, while the 3,000 solar cells have been used on its main body.

The performance of latest solar powered UAV is amazing, as it has a lot of physical features. Solera Satellite System can orbit for about five years at 65mph and very much expected to reach at 20 km heights. The latest Solera Satellite System will give the desired results and reduce the cost of maintenance and fueling. Have a look on the Sloera Satellite Solar Energy Powered System and write your comments upon this great invention.

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