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New Batteries Are Kidsafe With Coat of Armor

The Latest Invention in the field of batteries has come up with the Latest QTC or Quantum Tunneling Composite Coated Batteries that are kidsafe or children safe. The Latest Battery has Coat of Armor on it that can be safe for kids after swallowing. In the past years many cases of Accidentally Swallowing have come up, so now the science has invent the Latest Children Safe Button Batteries or Button Cells.

Each year, quite a few children swallow the button batteries, of course, accidentally. These are tiny disc shaped batteries that are usually present inside toys, remote controls of household appliances, hearing aids and many other items. When a child swallows this battery, it interacts with the saliva or the moisture present inside the mouth of the child creating an electric current inside the body. This, in turn, produces hydroxide which causes very serious problems in the tissues of the throat and the guts. This is very serious issue and can cause much harm even death.

Accidentally Swallowing batteries cells

In order to control the such injuries that are related to these batteries, researchers from the city of Birmingham’s and Women’s Hospital in America have created a new coating for these batteries that would stop them from become conductors upon swallowing by a kid.

Until now, there was nothing that would address this extremely serious issue, however, the new invention will render the batteries inert when they are not inside a device. Researchers had already noticed that when a battery was inside the device, it was subjected to a very great degree of pressure which did not exist when the battery was not inside the device.

latest button batteries are safe for children

Having realized this interesting fact, they came up with the idea to coat the entire battery with QTC or Quantum Tunneling Composite. It is a rubber like thing that is usually used for coating a touch screen.  The QTC has the quality to allow electric current to flow through it when there is a gentle pressure applied.

The objective was to design a special coating that would become a conductor when the current pressure is applied to it.

QTC is very cheap which makes it easily usable. It is also waterproof which has opened the way for several other possibilities.

The researchers are seeking to develop a way for mass producing these latest batteries. They are hoping to awash the market with this unique product

Practically, the battery produces caustic soda which has the ability to damage the tissues inside the body. Sometimes, this extremely harmful chemical may also reach other parts of the body through blood.

The negative (-) terminal of the battery is covered with a thick layer of quantum tunneling. When the battery is squeezed, the particles of the matter come closer allowing the electricity to flow unhindered.

The effectiveness and safety of the coating has also been checked and approved several times.

The scientist who have invented this phenomenon tested it more by placing it on the tissues and

Analyzing the effects it produced on the surface. Only after being thoroughly satisfied, the scientist recommended it to the manufacturers.

The doctor explained that such batteries were being used on a wide spread basis. It is essential to use them only after discussing with a physician. Since its inception and selling so the mass public, it is being regarded as a great way to stop battery related accidents worldwide.

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