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NASA Tests A Hybrid Plane That Works Like A Toyota Prius

After a lot of inventions made by scientists, NASA has also joined hands to test their Hybrid Plane, which works like a Toyota Prius. Science is doing latest inventions and Guinness Book of World Records is being more healthy day by day. After the ERO Robots and Latest Satellite System, the NASA has also tested their news project that is Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA). NASA has made a Hybrid Plane which makes low noise and consume a little amount of fuel. This plane is amazing and environment friendly like Toyota Prius Hybrid Car.

Hybrid Plane

hybrid engine system

The Students of Engineering from the University of Virginia took several new inventions into consideration and started their project for making an economic and environment friendly plane to reduce noise and consumption of fuel. Hence they finally invented a hybrid electric plane, which can take flight with almost 50 passengers abroad. Again a Muslim Aerospace Engineer Sohail has done this job with Kelly Thomas by leading the team of undergraduates students. They used Flight Optimization System (FLOPS) to check and evaluate a number of designs. In the results, a hybrid internal combustion engine and an electric motor were enough for being a passenger aircraft.

NASA tested hybrid plane

They take the idea from Toyota Hybrid Vehicle Prius, and decided to use the batteries in the aircraft, which will be in charge during the flight. An ART-42-600 plane was taken into considerations for testing the first flight. It can carry 48 persons at a time. They made changes in the technical system of the engine and make it hybrid by place ICE to charge the batteries, so that the electric generator could run the motor. They made a parallel system in the plane engine just like the same installed in hybrid cars.

So finally they become able to get the needed energy from the engine, which could fly the plane with the speed of 368 km/h. They finally used Lithium Polymer batteries in the plane, which are more powerful and easily rechargeable. The students went through an experiment and they finally made an aircraft, which is environment friendly and works on low fuel consumption. They have also suggested hybrid planes for the plane manufacturing companies, as it is a unique design and works on low fuel consumption. In this way we can save the environment and fuel as well.

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