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Lernstift Pen Checks Your Spellings Automatically While Writing

Lernstift Pen checks your spellings mistakes automatically while you are writing. Hence it is the latest technology, which has been introduced recently. In this modern age, where we are habituated to auto-correction system whether using tablets, computers laptops or mobiles. These devices correct the spellings and grammatically mistakes automatically, but what if you are writing on a hard copy with your pencil or pen? Lernstift Pen has come up with great solution that it automatically correct your spelling mistakes on hard copy or paper.

automatically spell checker

Lernstift is an amazing pen, which is considered to be the first ever brilliant pen, which can correct your mistakes automatically with an automatic system installed in the pen. The pen works on a software structure built by an engineer inside the pen. This pen can also be joined with several other devices and android applications. The pen consists motion sensor, memory card, vibration module, memory card, processor and several other devices, which are helpful in operation. The pen has a Linux based software, which enables the user to use the pen through automatic system.

lernstift checks spellings grammer automatically

The pen has a very strong recognition of hand writing, and it works on the calculations of 2D path, which is done by Lernstift mathematically. It is a little pen, which has a hardware devices powered with a software, which enables the pen to correct the spelling mistakes.

lernstift pencil check grammer and spelling automatically

lernstift check spellings grammer mistakes automatically

The handwriting recognition software developed by the Daniel Kaesmacher and Falk Wolsky (Munich Based Entrepreneurs) works efficiently and correct your English spelling mistakes. You should not worry about how to use Lernstift pen? The pen automatically starts vibrating, when you write a wrong spell. The automatic pen has been tried on several android devices and mobile phones, and it works efficiently. The company has also announced about the production of Lernstift pens, and it will be started in 2014. The company will sell the automatic pen on lower price i.e. 130 to 150 Euro, and it is economical price for regular buyers.

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