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Leave Coffee and take Sprayable Caffeine Through Skin

The coffee haters have made a new invention that you can leave coffee and take sprayable caffeine through skin, as it can give the required energy to work longer than ever. If you hate coffee and still likes to work for long hours, then you should take caffeine spray. It is just like a sprayable energy, which can boost your caffeine through skin. If you don’t like coffee taste then this sprayable energy will be best for you, as it will not give bad taste to your taste buds. This is a special caffeine spray, which is absorbed through skin like osmosis, then circulated throughout the body and gives you energy for several hours to be energetic.

21-years old Ben Yu has started this campaign with his partner, Deven Soni on crowd funding platform Indiegogo, and this ground breaking product i.e. Sprayable Energy has been catching the eyesight of various peoples. According to the Ben Yu, he never like coffee, so he started to find the best substitute of coffee, which could boost the energy level while working hours. Hence he started the investigation and research on this project in 2012 and after going through complete studies he took more help from his father, who is also PhD in Chemistry. Hence after passing a year, he become able to make the best substitute of coffee. He also do several experiments on nicotene and caffeine, which are also helpful in increasing the energy level. He invented the Caffeine Spray, which is absorbed from the body skin and increase your energy level without changing the taste of your tongue. This is an amazing invention and people are appreciating the product, while it is becoming more popular day by day.

Sprayable Energy Booster Ben Yu and Dev

Take caffeine through skin

A smaller amount of sprayable caffeine is enough to boost your energy level.Two sprays around the neck are equal to the one cup of coffee. According to the Ben and Deven, they need more money for making an investment on the project, then their product will be available soon in the market for consumers.

Fortunately, Ben and Deven’s campaign has crossed the desired $15000, and they are hoping to launch the sprayable caffeine in the market by the end of 2013. The retail price of 40 doses bottle will be $15, and it is yet to be approved by the FDA.

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