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Latest Wi-Vi Traces Human with the Help of Wi-Fi Waves

Professor DIna Katabi has introduced the latest Wi-Vi System, which trace the humans with the help of Wifi signals or Wi-Fi waves. It may be well in your knowledge that your dream characters like Superman and Spiderman have some special powers, which you also want to have, and now it is no more difficult in this modern age.

Now you can see behind walls with the help of your android phone or laptop. The science is inventing latest technologies day by day, and we are hearing that the latest records are being written in Guinness Book of World Records. The same thing has happened right now, as the MIT Professor Dina Katabi and a graduate student Fadel Adib have introduced the latest Wi-Vi System, which uses the Wi-Fi rays or signals to trace humans. If a person is moving behind the wall, you can just check and trace him with your phone application.

wivi uses wifi to trace humans

Wi-Vi is just a combination of Wi-Fi and vision, which means you can trace human body behind a wall. This combination of Wi-Fi and Wi-Vi will soon be incorporated in the latest smartphones, and you will be able to see behind walls. The device works just like a motion censor that if a person is walking behind wall, you can trace him with the help of Wi-Vi. The software application installed on your phone will tell you about the motion outside home or inside home.

The new gadget, which traces humans is making use of antenna, which is mostly found in the old mobile phones. But after the invention of Wi-Vi, it seems that the complete Wi-Vi system will be incorporated in every smartphone for the convenience of people. This device also tell you about the floor, walls, furniture, plastic and other equipments placed inside a room. According to the reasearch by Katabi, the Wi-Vi send two signals inside a room, and when they find a moving object in the room they cancel themselves.

We can also deactivate the other sensors, which sense the furniture, plastic and other equipments, when we are tracing for human. It seems that the gadget will be used by the police for safety purposes or for catching the crooks. The equipment will be really helpful for army and police.

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