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Latest PhoneBlocks Will Leave Apple and Samsung Behind

As the technology is taking sudden changes, the latest PhoneBlocks is expected to be introduced, which will leave Apple and Samsung Galaxy behind. The Upcoming Cell Phone i.e. PhoneBlocks is made of little blocks, which you can dismantle as per your needs and requirements.

Smartphones have been obsoleted in this modern age, as the new gadgets have joined the market, which are providing the heavy processing and full applications support with a lot of new applications and programs. But for some people it is electronic waste, and they want to have simple smartphones. Phoneblocks has come up for every person whether he needs full functional smartphone or cell phone with simple functionality. It is made of blocks, and you can dismantle and assemble any device at any time.

latest smartphone phoneblock

Keeping in view the needs of people Dutch Designer, Dave Hakkens has introduced the latest innovative new smartphone concept, which is really an awesome design called PhoneBlocks. The phone is just like a Lego, which is made of detachable blocks, which are usually plugged together and give you full functionality. The LEGO like smartphone will enable users to dismantle or assemble a phone to cater for their individual needs instead of wastage of electricity and time.

As PhoneBlocks is made of separate blocks, you will get the Battery, Camera, Memory Card, Bluetooth, Wifi, Processor and other accessories in separate removable blocks. For customizing your smartphone, you can purchase the separate desired block at any time. The main advantage of this phone is it can be upgraded at any time by replacing the new memory and processor chips. This Cell phone will never be out-dated or obsolete, and the wastage of electronics will be reduced in the world.

phone block latest cell phone

latest technology cell phone

This PhoneBlocks has become a good concept for a lot of companies, and it seems that the manufacturer will soon send a copy in the market for getting analysis. If people show interest in purchasing this phone and appreciate the concept, the smartphone companies will take this suggestion into consideration. Have a look on the PhoneBlocks pictures or images and write your comments for appreciation.



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