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Latest Electric Mission R Bike Reaches 60 Mph in 3 Seconds

The latest Electric Mission R Bike can reaches 60 Mph in just 3 seconds. It is the latest invention in the field of vehicles and bikes. This is the electric bike with high speed and powerful engine. It is a dream of every person to have expensive and unique vehicles including bikes and cars.

San Francisco’s Mission Motorcycle is considered to be the best in this modern age, which has been built on the latest electric technology, and it is the first electric bike, which reaches up to the speed of 0 to 60 miles per hour in just three seconds. The combination of science and engineering is being more popular due to latest inventions in year 2013.

The company has designed the bike keeping in view the image of 2011 winner TTGXP Laguna Seca. All Electric Mission R Bike can challenge any other bike, as the company has done a wonderful job by making this speedy Mission R Electric Racing Bike. The company has installed a 120 KW electric motor into the Mission’s InfiniteDriveTM  Powertrain. This latest technique has boosted the Mission R bike’s performance, and now it can reach the top speed of 150 mph in just few seconds.

Electric Motorcycle Mission R

The Mission R Electric Bike is powered by 17kWH lithium-ion battery, which can give power to the engine up to 140 miles range. It has a powerful road grip. The company has made its pistons, crankshaft, clutch, breaks and other parts keeping in view the speed of bike.

Mission R Electric Bike

Mission R also has surprised the world by introducing the state of art instruments, which are accessible from the Mission R’s Touch Screen UI System. Bluetooth Devices, Touch Systems, Navigation System and other various devices have been installed in the bike, which are communicating with several parts of the bike. The company has announced the price of Mission R Electric Bike, as it worth $, 29,999. The company is also collecting pre orders, but the availability of stock will be possible in 2014.

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