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Latest Curvy OLED TV Screen Costs $15000

OLED TV Screens Costs $15000. After getting obsolete from the market, the latest curvy OLEDs are near to be introduced by LG and Samsung. They are the most cellular brands in the LCD, LED or OLED market, and new changes are coming in the technology trends.

The Curved OLEDs will make their market after being introduced by the two Korean Giants LG and Samsung, which are busy in changing the LEDs technology by giving them a new exclusive and curvy look. OLED Televisions have latest and better technology and provide the better viewing to the viewers. Hence the LG and Samsung are of the view to make curved models of the OLED TV, which will give a better peripheral vision to the viewers.LG Curved Screen 3D TV


The viewers will enjoy a more better picture quality through a more natural match to their peripheral angle of view on the curved OLEDs, as they company will slightly wrap the display of the screen a little inward. Unfortunately the OLED TVs can’t give output in 4K resolution, which has become a big letdown consideration. But 4K TVs are very much expected to become the super models in the televisions in the next few years, if the curvy screen are introduced by the companies.

Curvy OLED TV Screens can give an exclusive picture quality, which is demanding by the viewers. It may also has a 3D version, which will be viewable through the glasses. After all the curved display of OLED will become the choice of viewers in few years, as it will be providing the outstanding picture quality, and you will enjoy the movies, games and other smart TV options on curved OLED Screens.

Samsung Curvy Screen 3D LED TV

The curved screens got attention of a lot of viewers on CES while displaying the 1080p 3D Picture. LG and Samsung are just working hard for introducing the latest curvy OLED TV Screens, and it is heard that they will introduce the latest model screens soon in United States. It will cost about $ 15,000, which is out of range of regular buyers. But the trend will take change soon, and these curvy screen OLEDs will be available in homes on affordable price.

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