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Latest $199 iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Copies running Android OS

Have a look on the latest $199 iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C copies by GooPhones Company China, which are running Android Operating System. Apple Inc is a famous company in the world due to its quality products and latest unique features. But several people from all around the world are not in the capacity to purchase an original iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C. Hence China is playing a vital role in providing the related quality features to those iPhone lovers who are not in the capacity to purchase Apple gadgets.

Whereas the price of Original Apple iPhone 5 is concerned, it is high and out of the reach of several people in the world. Hence a Chinese Mobile Manufacturing Company ‘GooPhone’ has come up with the latest iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S copies, as the company sells knockoff of Apple products. The GoodPhone’s new i5s and i5c have come to the market, and they offer enough to tempt consumers.

copies of iPhone 5s and 5c by goophone china

Gold iPhone 5S is rare in the market, and it is so much expensive smartphone. Only few people in the world have bought the Gold iPhone 5S. But the GooPhone can give you a Gold iPhone 5 on an exclusive and cheap price. Hence the GooPhone fans are saying that the company is doing well by providing the latest smartphones to the people who are not capable to purchase the original iPhones from the Apple company. The Chinese company is just copying the iPhone products and providing it to the consumers on cheap rates, while the a different operating system is running in the iPhones i.e. Android.

From the external view, the i5s and i5c looks like original iPhone, but it is not running Mac or iOS7. The copies of iPhone 5 are running on the Android Jelly Bean operating system, but the main skin has been copied from the iOS7, which gives them an original look. In this video, you can see the operation of iGold iPhone 5 in action by GooPhone China.

Whereas the major features of GooPhone i5s are concerned, it has a Touch ID, which doesn’t operational. Actually these two handsets by GooPhones can never be considered as the replacement of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5s, but they are just providing a good external look, which looks like original iPhone 5s and 5c.

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