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Lamborghini Unveils Its Latest Super Car Model Veneno

Lamborghini has recently unveiled its latest super car model Veneno, which has become famous in all over the world, but few people are saying it ugliest car. Actually Lamborghini has celebrated its 50th anniversary in March-2013, where it is also launched the super model car Lamborghini Veneno for 4 Million Dollars.

Veneno is Lamborghini’s racing car, which has been introduced in new style. Its designed is based on its ancestor i.e. Lamborghini Aventador, which was also unique of its design. The car designers have focused totally on the exterior designing of the car, which is making it unique and popular. According to the cars lovers or cars design reviewers, the Veneno car has been overdone in the design department, and it will also show good performance during a run on road.

Veneno Lamborghini Latest Racing Car

Latest Lamborghini Veneno is a super model racing car, which has 12 cylinder and 6.5 liter engine. The racing car can go from zero to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds, as it has 7 speed transmission. Whereas the total engine performance is concerned its output is whopping 750 BHP. The car is a permanent 4 wheel drive, and it comes in 5 different driving modes, and you can choose your driving style as per your needs and requirements.

LamboCARS photography

Lamborghini Veneno has become an eye popping racing car for the racers, and the company has made this exclusive car keeping in view the requirements of racers. They have also made it economic by placing a price tag of 4 Million Dollars. The Lamborghini Veneno has got prerecords from 3 buyers, and they are the lucky owner of the car. If you love cars or vehicles, have a look on the following Lamborghini Veneno Pictures, and write your comments for telling us about your views about the super model Veneno Lamborghini.

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