Saturday 21 November 2015
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Korea To Built World’s First Invisible Skyscraper

South Korea is all set to built world’s first invisible skyscraper, which will also be one of the largest buildings in the world. The invisibility of this building will make it unique of its nature, and a lot of people will visit Korea to see the amazing art of building, and Korea may earn more revenue on account of travel and tourism.

The latest trend of largest buildings have come in vogue, even the developing countries are also thinking to build large skyscraper buildings in their vicinities. The trend i.e. construction of buildings has been converted into construction of skyscrapers, which are tall, stylish, and talking to the clouds. But these skyscrapers block a lot of beautiful views due to their tallest models. Hence the scientists are working on this discrepancy and finding the solution for this problem, so that these skyscrapers could not block the other beautiful and amazing views.

It seems that the engineers and scientists have found the right solution by taking into the consideration of invisible skyscraper. They are all set to construct a large invisible skyscraper, which will not block the other views. The South Kora is constructing a skyscraper, which will be invisible and you will be able to look outside the building. The engineers will place LEDs and Cameras on the building, and you will be able to look outside the building with the help of LEDs and camera placed at the building. It is a wonderful engineering technique, which is going to be used by Korean Engineers on a tallest skyscraper, and it will be the world’s first invisible skyscraper, which will not block the view from other side.

Have a look on the Invisible Skyscraper pictures and photo gallery, which will clear you about the fact, and give you a beautiful look.

invisible skyscraper building in Korea world's first invisible skyscraper

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