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KAIST Launches Wireless Powered Electric Buses in South Korea

KAIST, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has introduced latest online electric vehicle system (OLEV) in South Korea, and the Wireless Powered Electric Buses will run on this automatic system there. The electric vehicle get energy by the road while stationary or moving. These electric buses are getting power / energy through the electric cables fixed on road. It is a latest and special online electric vehicle system.

KAIST has launched the wireless powered electric business, while the permanent connection of electric wire is not necessary to run automatic electric bus on the road. The electric cables can charge the vehicle in short span of time. KAIST has developed a special magnetic field in the vehicles, which is converted into electric energy with the help of several devices used int he automatic vehicle system.

wireless buses on road in Korea

The other necessary systems, which are used in the normal buses have been excluded from this latest bus design. It has no heavy batteries, overhead trolley lines etc, as they have been removed from the latest bus system. The bus is used in normal range of the electronic system, where is it charged while carrying the passengers.

Whereas the internal system or electricity system of wireless powered electric buses is concerned, the bus gives 20 KHZ and 100KW electricity at an 85% maximum power transmission efficiently and complete the 17cm distance with 136 horsepower energy.

wireless electric powered buses on road in Korea wireless electric buses on road

At the initial stages the latest electric power buses system was tested on the tramcar at amusement park in Seoul. But now the two OLEV buses have come on the road, and are being tested by the companies. They run between the train station and In-Dong district in South Korea. The electric lines have been spread on the roads keeping in view the latest International EMF Standards. They magmatic field automatically stars and provide energy to the vehicles when it sense a vehicle at the near distance. If these vehicles become a part of our daily transportation system, they will reduce the use of oil and gas. The compnay is just doing experiment at this time, and it will soon put few more wireless electric buses on road soon.

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