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iOS 7 camera tips and Secrets: Secretly Make a Video

With the new iOS7 camera tips and secrets, you can shoot a video or take an image secretly without any hesitation. It has become easy to get an image of someone without his consents. The time has gone when the others were aware about making the video or snapping an image, now you can get images or make videos secretly. The problem has been solved without any jailbreak tweak or special application in iOS7 in iPhone 5.

On iOS 7, you can take photos and record videos while living in the stealth mode. The others will not know that you are making the video of them. Now you can open the camera application in the multitasking bar and record an exclusive video or image by pressing the volume + button. This is an exclusive option provided in the iOS7, and the iPhone 5 users are getting the benefits of multitasking.

secret camera options in iOS 7 and iPhone 5

Now you can go through the complete tutorial for making secret videos on iPhone 5, which will help you through the rest of process of getting secret images or photos.

  1. First of all unlock your iPhone, as if you launch the camera without unlocking your phone, this guide will not be applicable. You need to unlock your phone to start this application.
  2. Tinker the settings, after launching the camera application. Turning off the flash is also recommended.
  3. Turn on the mute mode, so that the shutter sound could be disable.
  4. After doing the above setting, decide to make a video or capture an image.
  5. Now tap the home button twice, and bring up your phone in multitasking mode. Then you all need to press the Volume + button to start the shooting or recording.
  6. Now you can make secret videos or capture pictures of anyone while scrolling in a normal way through the list of applications, and it will look like casual, but you will be capturing the videos or photos.

With the help of this useful tips and tricks of iOS 7 camera options, you will be capturing videos and pictures without the consent of anyone. If you need more useful tips and secrets of iPhone 5, please like our official page on Facebook from the right side column of our blog.

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