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Hydrophobic Paint Splashes Pee on Public Urinators in German

Don’t Pee Here ! Now Hydrophobic Paint can be used to avoid Public Urinators to Pee on Walls. The Germany is using the Hydrophobic Paint on Walls that splashes pee on Public Urinators and keep them avoid for the next time. The German Society of Red Light Area has used the amazing technology to keep their environment beautiful and pee proof. The Latest Invention of Pee Proof Walls or Pee Proof Paint is one of the amazing inventions in 2016.

It is common practice in big and small cities that public toilets and community washrooms are filled with stains of urination on the walls and surroundings. This is not just a problem in bathrooms but outside as well. The urination in awkward and inappropriate places creates a lot of smell and makes the whole area stink. Take the example of the red light district in the Germany city of Hamburg which is full of party situations and has a lot of people always going around. But you will not find any signs of the above mention actions and problems. But why? They have made use of the wonders of science and have started to spray the walls of the vicinity with hydrophobic paint. This act is followed on regular basis and is quite effective. This paint is so repellent to liquids that it does not let any think stick to the surface. It sometimes even bounces back the liquid. This means any one peeing will get an opposite hit.

dont pee here

According to number experts, this paint is very powerful and effective. It has the strong capability of sending the liquid back with speed. At times this may lead to wetting of the shoes and clothing of the urinator. Thanks to this amazing material or spraying, the city area has become much cleaner, nicer and fragrant. The only drawback of this paint is that it is very expensive and costly. Not all city governments or organizations can afford such lavish spending. But many relate it with the cleaning costs. It is a trade-off situation where the paint costs may be high but their cleaning expenses are sure to reduce over time.

According to Julia Staron, who organized the resident group, “If you compare the work involved for daily cleaning of the mess and the awful smell, as well as all the collateral damage involved, it has definitely been well worth it.”

Hydrophobic Paint Splashs pee on public urinators in german red light area

Therefore through the implementation of scientific knowledge and expertise, Germans have been able to solve this un-ending problem in a very effective way. The solution may force people to think that walls are not there to pee or urinate and if hit like this these walls may even pee back on you.

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