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How To Speed Up Animation Effects & Your iPhone

On the several requests of iPhone 5 users about How to Speed up iPhone 5 with speedy animation effects, a complete tutorial for iOS7 has come up. After the latest upgrade of iOS 6 to iOS 7 a lot of people are facing the problems in animation effects, and their phone has been slowing down. The tips and tricks for iPhone 6 and iOS 7 have been shared here to speed up your phone and new animation and parallax effects.

The motion sickness issue in iPhone 5 and iOS 7 has become popular, as several threads are reporting about the problem in the Apple Support Forums. To make your iPhone 5 speedy, you should follow the below mentioned tutorial. When it came to the knowledge of Apple Inc engineers and owner, they released the iOS 7.0.3 after rectifying the problem. They not only decreased the motion, but also speed up the phone with the latest update of iOS 7.

how to speed up your iPhone 5 and iOS7

Now you can speed up iOS 7 or iPhone 5C or 5S by going through the Settings – General – Accessibility – Reduce Motion and enabling the toggle.

After doing this, you will see a big change in the speed of your iPhone. The parallax effect will disappear, and your animation system will become speedy and fast. Before the upgrade version of iOS 7, only the home screen and parallax effects were affected due to motion reduction feature. But now the new toggle enhancement will give you a speedy and fast iPhone, as you will find a noticeable different in the speed before and after updating the iOS 7.

iPhone 5 speed has become more faster than ever with the help of iOS 7.0.3 update. It is also recommended that Apple should also think about the future firmware release, in which they can reduce the motion for specific parts of the firmware. If you have followed the above mentioned tutorial to speed up your iPhone and iOS 7 and found a noticeable difference in speed, please feel free to give comments in the below mentioned form to appreciate our writers.

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