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How to Set your Favorite Mp3 Song as Alarm Sound in iOS 7

Here is a comprehensive tutorial for setting up your favorite MP3 song as Alarm sound in iOS 7 (Apple iPhone 5). Several people asked us How to set their favorite ring tone as alarm sound on iOS 7, and here is the solution and answer to their questions. Now you can set your favorite alarm sound from the MP3 Songs on Apple iPhone 5 / iOS7. The following is the best way to use mp3 song as alarm ring tone on Mac Tablets.

The alarm option is located in the built-in clock application, and new ringtones have also been updated in new iOS7 software. Now you can add your own sound or MP3 song to alarm ring tones on iOS7 latest update. This is a beautiful option, which has been integrated in the latest iPhone iOS7 software. It is also pertinent to mention here that the same option was also available in iOS 6, but you may not be aware of it. If you are searching or asking how to set mp3 song as alarm ringtone or alarm sound, then you should follow the following tutorial, which will work like a complete guide for your alarm system in iOS 7.

Set mp3 song as alarm on iOS 7 iPhone 5

If you are looking to modify the present alarm, then follow the below mentioned step on your Apple iPhone 5 device.

  • First of all launch the clock application and choose alarm.
  • After selecting the alarm options from the icons, select the edit button.
  • Now you can choose the desired alarm or desired mp3 song / sound as your alarm ringtone.

How to set up a new alarm using the MP3 Song on iOS7?

Here is the complete guide to set up a new alarm on iPhone 7, and you would have to follow the steps, which are appended below.

  • First of all open the clock application and choose Alarm.
  • Now the process is little bit different from the method mentioned above, as you will have to choose the + icon at the top to set the recurrence, time and label.
  • Now choose your favorite song from the Gallery / Library to make it your waking up alarm ringtone.

In this way you can use your favorite ring tone as the morning alarm.

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