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How To Insert Emoji Icons In Text In OS X Mavericks

Now you should not worry about how to enter or insert Emoji Icons in the text field or anywhere in OS X Mavericks, as the latest operation system i.e. OS X Mavericks has ability to enter Emoji Icons in text messages, text fields or anywhere. Actually after downloading the 5 GB OS X Mavericks on MacBook, i started searching about the latest features, options and updates, and finally i found that you can unique and special Emoji Icons anywhere int he text fields.

Emoji Icons in the Android, iPad and iPhone have become popular, as they are so interesting and beautiful and convey your message to the other person in a unique language. Now you can download Emoji Icons for Android and Apple iPhones to send beautiful text message to your loved ones. I also usually send Emoji Icons to my friends and family members from my Apple iPhone 5. Here is a complete tutorial, which will be helpful in inserting Emoji Icons anywhere in OS X Mavericks.

Problem entering emoji icons in Mac Iphone Android

If you are looking to send Emoji Icons to your loved ones, you should let your cursor blinking away while living in the text field. After that you should press CMD+CTRL+Space buttons. After that you will go to a new window which will allow you to enter Emoji Icons in the text. It is also pertinent to mention here that if you want to go back to the special characters window, then you should scroll down to the search box. After following the above tutorial, you will be able to quickly insert Emoji Icons to your computer, as there is a big bunch of Funny Emoji Icons, Emotional Emoji Icons, Sad Emoji Icons and many more.

Keep in mind that you can free download the OS X Mavericks from the Mac App Store, as the offer is available for limited time. So don’t waste your time and go for a free download of OS X Mavericks.

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