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How to Check Your Android Phone is New or Refurbished?

Few people have asked how to check their Android phone is new or refurbished? Here is the tutorial or method to check your phone is refurbished or original / new. These days, when you buy a new android phone, you are not aware about its originality, but should check your android phone whether it is new or refurbished.

Refurbished Android phones are being sold in different markets by various mobile sellers, and they are selling the refurbished android phones on the price of original and new mobile phone. These retailers are just deceiving you by giving you the wrong electronics. But there are several ways available to check your new or refurbished phone with the help of android tips and tricks.

First Method to Check your New or Refurbished Cell Phone

First of all you have to install an application, which enables you to create shortcuts on your home screen.

Now press on empty screen on your home page and select the activities tab.

After going to activities section / option, you should conduct a search like com.android.RTN or com.android.hiddenmenu. Now create a shortcut of any package, and then tap your view button.

Now the launching of RTN activity from the shortcuts on home screen will enable you to search for reconditioned status in the list. If you see the status ‘Yes’, then consider your android phone refurbished, and it it says ‘No’, then you should not worry about the status of your android mobile phone.

In this way you can check whether your android phone is refurbished or new.

check android cell phone original new refurbished

Second Method to Check Whether Your Phone is New or Refurbished

There is another method to check your android phone for original or refurbished conditions. You have to go to your dial screen and dial ##786#, and you will be redirected to the RTN Screen. You can also check *#*#786#*#* code, as it may also be acceptable by your android device.

With the above mentioned tools, you can check your phone authenticity. If you are going to purchase an original android phone, you should be aware of these codes and settings. Otherwise you may be deceived by the cell phones retailers by purchasing a refurbished android phone on the original price of a new android phone.

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