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Germs and Bacteria Growing On Your Smartphone Screen

This must be very astonishing news for most people – especially those who love their smart phones and spend a lot of time using it: The gadget that you love so much is awash with germs. In fact it is frighteningly so. You can see in these pictures that your smart phone or mobile screen may be full of germs and bacteria. You should keep in mind the tips about how to keep your smart phone screen clean.

We have a habit of taking our smart phones wherever we go. They are always inside our pockets or purses, coming in contact with the receipts from ATMs, gas stations and credit cards. They are also rubbing against all the loose changes and old currency notes that we toss into our pockets during the course of a day. They are used everywhere and are set almost every available surface be it a cafe, a bench lying on a park or a counter at a superstore. Smart phones are also shared with a lot of other people since these days the purpose of a cell phone is not only to make calls, it is also being used for sharing videos, playing games and using the social media. A smart phone is a companion that is always with us, and consequently, is always exposed to germs and bacteria.

bacterial test of smarphone screen whats growing on it

There is another thing that should be noted here: germs thrive in places that are warm. The smart phone creates its own heat, moreover, there is always heat from the body of the user. There is simply no concept of disinfecting a cell phone which makes them a great breeding ground for dangerous germs and bacteria. That is why a smart phone will have more bacteria that the workstation at your office and sometimes, even more than the seat in the toilet. It is scary. Isn’t it?

A research was conducted a few years ago. This activity involved two hundred staff members of a hospital and their cell phones. It was found out that around 95 percent of the cell phones were affected by some kind of bacteria. It was also found out that most of these bacteria were resistant to antibiotics. The researchers also found out that most of the germs made their way to the cell phones through the hands of the users, and then, made their ways back to the phones through the same channel. The germs accumulated on the cell phone, in most cases, ended up on the hands of the person using it.

smart phone screen medical bectaria test on microscope

A lot of – infact almost all of the bacteria that cause diseases in human beings are transferred from one person to the other through touch. This means that once the bacteria is in your hands, the only things that you need to do in order to get infected is to touch the nose or the eyes enabling the bacteria to find an easy way inside your body. This becomes much more dangerous considering the fact that the cell phone, most of the times, remains only a few millimeters from your face.

In the older versions of the cell phones, the bacteria could hide inside the nooks and cronies that were usually found in it, however, the modern flat screen of the new smart phone is in no way immune to the bacteria.

Recent studies have revealed that the screens of smart phones serve as the colonies of dangerous bacteria. There have been instances in which a person has contacted rare lethal bacteria through the cell phone.

There are a few companies that are offering screen protectors for guarding against dangerous bacteria, however, one simple formula for protection against smart phone bacteria is to clean it frequently by rubbing alcohol over it. You may also use a disinfectant in a very small amount.

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