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Flying Bikes and Cars are Now a Reality

Flying Bikes and flying Cars are now a reality, as the engineers have been making new inventions in this modern age. The technology is taking getting new trends, and the latest inventions are being recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Whereas people are trying to make flying cars since long, the researchers from the Czech Republic have made a 95kg (210lb) remotely controlled cycle. This bicycle can hover several meters in short span of time for just 5 minutes.

The test drive of flying bike was carried out during an exhibition at Prague. The prototype bicycle successfully started flying and landed after a few minutes, whereas the dummy rider was sitting on it. The researchers have powered this bike with two propellers on the front on one each side (left and right) and two propellers on the back, and they all work on battery used in the structure.

flying bikes and cars

If this type of bike comes on road, then we can overcome the problems of road blockages and traffic jams, and it will be a great invention in the world of transportation. But there is only a discrepancy in the engine that the battery is only able to fly this bicycle for just few minutes and then it needs recharging.

According to the Technical Director of Duratec Bicycles, Milan Duchek these bikes are useless in this era due to their battery capacity. But if you make analysis, the backup of battery is being doubled in every 10 years. Hence after several years we were able to use this technology for the tourism and traveling, as the battery would be invented with a double or triple backup capacity. Then these flying bikes will be used for normal travel or bike racing. Technodat and Eyektor have come up with the idea of flying bikes and flying cars, but it is not the first attempt for manufacturing of flying vehicles.

Flyke flying bikes and cars concept engineering

In earlier 20th century a man introduced the concept of flying bikes with wings, but it can’t go high from the ground. In 2009 the same adventure was doen by an IT Teacher of Oxfordshire, John Carver, who constructed Flyke i.e. Flying Tricycle. This tricycle flew all across UK from Lands End to John o’Groats, and it was all due to the collection of charity and funds. There was a parachute attached to this Flyke, and it remains opened while bike is in the air.

flying cars and bikes

Whereas the structure of Flyke is concerned, it was powered by a two stroke double propeller motor along with a solid paragliding, which is covering it. Flyke was able to fly for almost 2 hours without taking a refill with almost a speed of 32 km/h. Whereas the capacity of luggage is concerned, it can carry up to 25.4kg of luggage. Several companies have also made the flying and traveling bicycles, but Flyke is licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority and is not for sale. Hence in near future, it may be possible that we will travel on the flying bicycles or flying cars, as the concept has been proven beneficial.

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