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ERO Robot Crushes Buildings and Provides Recycled Concrete

Engineering is not only inventing and creating new things, but it is also disposing off the older things, which are not more in use. But it has reduced the wastage by introducing the smart disposal system in she shape of recycling process. Efficient and clean disposal of unused items or waste has become popular due to this recycling system, in which old things are utilized with low cost process. The natural resources of raw material are decreasing day by day, and the science is being more efficient in using the disposable material for new constructions.

Engineers and scientists have invented ERO Robots. These machines crush buildings and convert the disposed material into raw material. The ERO Robots actually recycle concrete after getting it from the old buildings. The recycling of concrete is no more an issue now, as it useable again and again. Building a huge building is not so much difficult then its demolishing, as it takes a lot of time and you can say it the wastage of material.

A Muslim Engineer Omer Haciomeroglu has introduced the ERO Concrete Deconstruction Robots, which demolish the buildings and provide recycled concrete for the construction of new buildings. He has used robotics in a very efficient way that robots demolish old buildings and make the new with disposed off material. It is also much safer and efficient way of demolishing old buildings. According to Omer; ‘ERO is a Concrete Deconstruction Robot designed to disassemble reinforced concrete structures and enable the building materials to be re-used for new prefabricated concrete buildings.

Concrete Recycling Process

An automatic system has been installed in the robots, which dispose off hardened concrete in an efficient way. ERO Robot uses water jets in order to crack the concrete surface and sucks up the mixed debris. The ERO Robots very efficiently and accurately separate the waste material and package the cleaned material. The packaged material is transferred to pre-casting stations to be recycled or remolded into new building blocks.

Ero Robots recycled concrete ero robots demolishing buildings

If you have a look on the ERO Robots pictures or images, you will learn about the efficiency level of the machines. The Ero Robots demolish the building and provide recycled concrete for the manufacturing of new concrete blocks to be used on new constructions.

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