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Drinking Coffee May Reduce Risk of Skin Cancer or Melanoma

There are many types of coffees available in the market, but caffeinated coffee can reduce the risk of Skin Cancer or Malignant Melanoma. The study has proved that Drinking Coffee can prevent you from many skin diseases or skin cancers. You should not use the substitute of coffee, as the original caffeinated coffee is good for your health.

A lot of recent researches have managed the discovery of health benefits of drinking coffee in the recent times. Benefits include reducing type 2 diabetes risk along with the improvement of liver healthy. Moreover it basically makes the person feel more awake and alert. Scientists have recently found that people who drink at least four cups of coffee per day are actually twenty percent less likely to develop malignant melanoma compared to the people who don’t drink coffee. This particular study involved observations of 447,357 retirees over a good period of ten years. The coffee consumption along with the diet of these people was analyzed.

drinking coffee can prevent you from skin cancer and other diseases

In the duration of the study period precisely 2904 people managed to develop malignant melanoma and 1874 had experienced the early stages of melanoma. The scientists carefully assessed the UV exposure of each participant based on the data from NASA. The data stated the amount of sun exposure each person’s hometown had gotten during the study period. Other factors that were observed included the amount of exercise performed by these people along with their alcohol intake and the factor of smoking. The body mass index was also calculated and taken in to consideration.

It is during the controlling process of these factors along with the family history and tendency of cancer that the researchers found what drinking at least four cups of caffeinated coffee each day did. The results were that this habit helped them out with at least twenty percent reduction in the risk of Cancer Malignant Melanoma. It should be noted that risk was reduced only due to caffeinated coffee. Decaff was not able to do so. This clearly suggests that all of the benefits might be originating from the intake of caffeine. However further research is required in this aspect to determine the effect of different compounds in coffee along with their relation with skin cancer.

drink coffee and reduce risk of skin cancer

This is most certainly not the first time when coffee has been concluded effective against types of skin cancer. Another research conducted in the year 2012 suggested the women who drank at least three cups of coffee each day were 21 percent less likely to suffer from basal cell carcinoma compared to the women who drank only a cup each day. In the case of men this risk was reduced to ten percent. So you should take 4 cups of coffee daily to be safe from cancer Malignant Melanoma and other skin problems.

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