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DIY: Build Your Working 3D Printer Using LEGO

DIY techniques let you enable to build your own working 3D Printer using the LEGO formula. Manufacturing of 3D Printer has become the latest search in this modern age, but now you can build 3D Printer at home by following these tips. Whereas the result of 3D printer is concerned, it can make almost everything like Food, guns, hands, body parts, buildings and the list goes on. As you can make the wonderful things with the help of 3D printers, their price is also high than the other printers.

A mastermind and author of Instructable Matthew Krueger has built 3D Printer, which is fully functional. The printer runs with the help of LEGOs, and a lot of LEGOs are lying in the house of Krueger. He has invented the latest technique of making functional 3D printer at home.

running 3D printer functions design

Matthew had an encounter with a classmate Makerbot during his college days, which leaded him to take more interest in the 3D printers and their uses. He did several experiments and exercises on the topic. But he was unable to purchase a ready-made 3D printer, as he had no cash in his pocket. He was very disappointed due to no cash in pocket, but he didn’t changed his field i.e. engineering. Hence Matthew built his own 3D printer with LEGOs.

He efficiently used the LEGOs Digital Designer Software and remained successful in building a fully functional 3D Printer. The 3D printer uses  a motor from an old VCR, a hot glue gun and just a few hundreds LEGOs. The LEGO NXT control module has been installed in the printer, which gives commands to the LEGObot and runs the VCR motor, and in the result the print head is activated to start 3D Printing.

DIY functional 3D Printer

Matthew has done this great job to motivate the engineering students, who gets a very lower pocket money. He has also termed his LEGObot as “of a Prototype than a finished project”. It was really a great work done by the Engineering student. Now the Matthew is working hard to run 3D printer with G-code, and it is taking time and needs more improvements in the design of 3D printer. This is the latest invention by Matthew, and now the Engineers should do experiment for manufacturing of 3D printer at home.

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