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Blade Is World’s First 3D Printed Supercar: Automobile

The Divergent Microfactories Company has introduced the World’s First 3D Printed Supercar i.e. Blade. When it comes to Blade Supercar Price or its descriptions, we have come up with some brief information for you. The Blade Supercar Cost is very low, as it has been made of some different material being one of the unique cars in the world. Blade Supercar is one of its kind, that is why it is getting more famous in the world. The 3D Printing has raise the level of Automobile, so that 3D Printed Supercar is among us.

You can say that the Blade Super Car is just like a sports car, so the car lovers are giving it good preference and rating. Many cars and vehicles have been introduced by various companies in this decade, but the Blade Super Car is only one of its nature. You will also be amazed after reading about the Blade Supercar Accessories, price and other things about the vehicle.

The “Blade” happens to be the world’s first 3D printed supercar. It is light sleek and incredibly fast as it can accelerate 0-60 mph in 2.2 seconds! The blade is exactly how anyone would want a supercar to be.

The blade has been manufactured by a San Francisco based startup, Divergent Microfactories. The company based in San Francisco had the supercar’s framework created entirely using a 3-D printer. Therefore, naturally, the car is very lightweight because the 3-D printing decreases the overall weight of the car by almost 90%, the company claims. Furthermore, the car is also manufactured with the use of carbon fiber rather than using aluminum or even steel for most of the car’s body. Consequently, the whole supercar weighs just under 1,400 lb.

Divergent Microfactories, the company that has manufactured this car utilized Aluminum joints commonly known as Nodes to connect to aerospace carbon fiber tubing to form the Blade’s frame. The entire structure makes use of just about 61 pounds of aluminum and 41 pounds of carbon fiber, according to the company. Therefore the car weighs under 1,400 lb. with such little weight, people might be fearful of it strength as heavier and stronger cars are safer when it comes to car accidents and fatal accidents, however, the company claims that the framework of the car has undergone all the appropriate testing and is actually industrial strength and is just as strong as all the other cars even though its lighter. The construction of the body of the car has a very striking resemblance to the old K’NEX set.

The goal of this supercar as the company claims is to actually extend the usage of the Node design and technology to the sedans and pickups. Divergent Microfactories is hopeful that this process will not only revolutionize automobile construction, but also encourage a reduction in emissions leading to healthier environments.

blade 3d printed supercar by DM

According to Kevin Czinger, the founder & CEO of Divergent Microfactories, “Society has made great strides in its awareness and adoption of cleaner and greener cars. The problem is that while these cars do now exist, the actual manufacturing of them is anything but environmentally friendly.” A recent investigation was published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology, which states that the construction of gas-powered cars produces approximately 14,000 pounds of carbon-dioxide, which is 17% of its lifetime emissions. Electric cars are not perfect either however; they produced 30,000 pounds of carbon-dioxide.

The company is said to produce a certain number of cars originally, but eventually the company plans to sell its technology to smaller manufacturers so that they can make their own vehicles.

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