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Best Way for Cutting Umbilical Cord To Improve Development

If you are looking for the Best and Easiest Way to cut the New Born Baby’s Umbilical Cord, then you should read this study. Whether you are delivering at home, clinic or hospital, you should give at least two minutes before cutting umbilical cord of newborn baby in order to improve development of baby. After giving two minutes or some time, you should keep in mind how to properly and correctly cut the umbilical cord of baby. We are sharing an amazing Medical Research in this regard, so that you could easily learn how to cut umbilical cord in proper way.

Clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord is the one of the most common operations done in the OR, but the ideal timing of cord clamping is still a matter of controversy among scientists and doctors. The different timings of the clamping of the cord have different advantages and disadvantages. A study has been done for the first time to compare the effect of early and late cord clamping in correlation with the stress on the baby’s body.

Cord clamping timing may have a significant influence on placenta-to-infant blood transfer, thereby modifying oxygenation of maternal and fetal tissues, and on the transfer of inflammatory mediators throughout the placenta.Usually, as soon as a child is born, the doctors quickly check that it’s healthy and breathing properly, and then, within seconds of birth, clamp its umbilical cord and cut it off, before handing it back to the mother.

But a new study conducted by the University of Granada in Spain has shown that simply delaying that process by two minutes influences how resistant to oxidative stress. Newborns are Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and the baby’s antioxidant defenses, and it’s connected with triggering inflammation.

In the research done by the scientists of University of Granada,a group of 64 healthy pregnant women who went into labor were studied in the San Cecilio Clinical Hospital in Granada. They all were full term and underwent a normal pregnancy and spontaneous natural deliveries. The babies were divided into two groups, in which half of the babies’ umbilical cords were cut 10 seconds after birth and the other half’s were cut two minutes after they were born. The consequences of these differences were then studied by checking the babies and examining their body’s metabolic rates.

properly cutting umbilical cord of newborn baby

The study showed that all those babies who had their umbilical cords cut later had significantly increased antioxidant capacity, and they also experienced less of the inflammation associated with labor.  This resulted in the better development of the baby and improved metabolism required for proper functioning of the body of the baby. The results are published in the journal Pediatrics.

The authors concluded “Our study demonstrates that late clamping of the umbilical cord has a beneficial effect upon the antioxidant capacity and reduces the inflammatory signal induced during labor, which could improve the development of the newborn during his or her first days of life.”

Reduced inflammatory signal cascade exerted less stress on the babies’ bodies thus allowing their energy to be utilized in the process of healing. It also reduced the discomfort the babies could experience and accelerated the process of healing of the umbilical wound.

While the results have only been tested in a relatively small group, it’s a pretty important study, seeing as everyone who’s born has to have their umbilical cord cut. And if there’s a way we can do that to give babies the best chance at life, then why not pursue it?

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