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Art of Using Tape: Amazing Masking Tape Murals Designs

Do you know the Art of Using Masking Tape, Washi Tape or Duct Tape? You can now make Amazing Masking Tape Murals on your walls, floors, roofs, everywhere you want. The Artists have used the Masking Tape for making Amazing Murals at walls. The Tape Art is one of the amazing art that need only tape to make home decoration. The Masking Tape Murals Decoration has become famous in developed countries, and they are using it in the homes to make beautiful designs and sculptures. We are also sharing some best art works done by different artists. You can also download Masking Tape Designs and Vectors to make on your walls. Masking Tape Wall Art has become famous in this decade, and people are getting full advantage of the tape by making textures and Masking Tape Paintings at home and offices.

We’ve all seen art in every form, in galleries depicting the imagination and the mind of legends such as Van Gogh and Picasso, or be it on sub way stations in the form of graffiti. Art prevails everywhere, in schools, on streets and even in our houses. Many mediums have been used by artists all around the world to express themselves via art, be it by making paintings, sculptures, installations or sketches.  They all leave an ever lasting impression on us and provide us with a little sneak peak in the minds of the artists.

Tape Murals Tape Art in Street

Such a unique artist resides among us who makes use of an everyday use product. TAPE! Yes tape! Who knew this little product did more than joining tears and mended things temporarily. Inspired by street art, he makes murals in public places with the help of tape. The artist had this idea through an accidental discovery when surfing the net on an art inspired blog and also when he was masking off part of a painted piece by making use of tape and became fond of the crisp and peculiar lines that the tape formed on its own. He claims that tape is one of the easiest ways of creating murals and art since when it is peeled off it doesn’t damage and chip the surface it was taped on. He uses various colored tape to create lines and zigzags and spirals into making abstract art, upon looking at these one would get a picture of the zentangle way of creating images which make use of lines, spirals and zigzags. Apart from using colored tapes, he also uses the traditional black one as well on a white colored wall or surface making the whole piece as a monochrome wonder. Be it on walls or on floors, they have one and the same lasting impact on the viewer.

tape art in street making murals with tape

The brain behind this bends tape into any way he wants, and layers the tape to impart the illusion of shading and detailed line work.

He has created tape murals not just on walls, but on floors, old houses and garages, doors, gates, pavements, streets and rundown buildings as well, giving them a distinctive and idiosyncratic look.

amazing tape murals on street walls

We look forward to more people adopting this form of art, since being inexpensive and do not require many high end materials and supplies to make murals and frescoes. Streets and boring places could be revamped into something different and distinctive if tape art engulfs them, even houses and bedrooms could make use of this kind of art giving them an edgy and artistic look. It is true when someone said that imagination has no ends, and the tape art artist has confirmed this!

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