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A Boy Recreate IOS 7 Screen in MS Word

According to a latest news, a boy has recreated the IOS7 Screen in MS Word giving it a beautiful design. The latest design of IOS7 operating system is roaming over the social media, where people are appreciating the skills of this boy, who has created a master piece of IOS 7.

In this modern age IOS 7 is considered to be the most amazing and popular software for all the iOS devices including Apple iPhones. According to a latest survey, almost 60 percent users have upgraded their devices from iOS 6 to iOS 7 operating system to check the newly added software and colorful iOS features. It has become popular after its release in just a month. The boy has showed if the iOS 7 is created on Microsoft Word, how would it look?

iOS 7 screen

But this is a shocking video, in which the guy named Vaclav Krejci is showing the recreating of iOS7 operating system’s home screen using Microsoft Word. It seems to be weird after hearing about this crazy creating on Microsoft Word, but it is a reality that the guy has done this adventurous task in just short span of time.

After going through this video, you will be amazed to find this fact that iOS7 could have almost been successfully done using the so called software i.e. Microsoft Word from the Microsoft Office. So have a look on the Krejci’s Skills, which he has showed in this video by creating the iOS7 on MS Word.

Hence i would like to know what do you think upon this amazing video. What do you say about the beautiful and amazing creation of this guy, who has presented the home screen of iOS7 in a weird but beautiful way. Please write down your comments and appreciate the amazing skills of this guy.

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