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5-Inchs iPhone 6 is Ready to Be Launched Next Summer

According to a latest news and Business Insider’s report, Apple Inc is all set to release 5 Inchs iPhone 6 in the market next summer. The Launching of this new iPhone 6 will create a sudden increase in the sales of Apple iPhone, as the iPhone lovers or users are waiting for the launch of iPhone 6 in 2014. According to a renowned analyst Piper Jaffary, the Apple is unveiling its new blockbuster iPhone that will be iPhone 6 in the next summer. The new Smartphone will come with a large display screen of almost 5 Inches.

According to Another Analyst Ming Chi Kuo’s research, the investors are very much curious about the new iPhone 6 with 5 inches display screen, and the Apple is all set to release the new iPhone 6 in 2014. Whereas the price of new iPhone 6 is concerned, it may be approximately $640. After the release of this new iPhone 6, the demand of iPhone 5C or 5S will go on decreasing point, and iPhone 6 will be roaming in the markets. The releasing date of iPhone 6 is not yet confirmed by the company.

Apple iPhone 6 releasing in Summer 2014

As per the analyst, the company is also going to release a new iWatch and a television set, which will keep the stock price afloat. The investors are investing a lot in the Apple Inc due to a huge number of gadgets, which are going to become popular in the market. It seems that the Apple Inc will do a huge business in the electronics market, and the investors will get a big profit share this year.

Apple iPhone 6 is going to be released in Summer 2014, which is not so far. The iPhone users are waiting for the release of new iPhone, as they could set the pre-orders for the new smartphone. It seems that the gadget will not only become popular in USA and U.K. but also in the China, Pakistan, India and several other countries, as a lot of Apple users are using the Apple Smartphones or mobiles in several countries.

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